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CarePlus Chiropractic Health Center

CarePlus Chiropractic Health Center emphasizes comprehensive spine care. The center offers gentle spinal adjustments, nutritional consultation, rehabilitation exercises, chiropractic therapy, and disability assessments. The center's chiropractors provide a full range of modern physiotherapy methods, such as ultrasound, muscle stimulation, traction, micro-current, cryotherapy, hydrolyzed capsules, paraffin bath, spray and stretch, moist heat and cold compresses. The center's massage therapists provide Chinese medical meridian and acupoint massage for special patients. The assistance of the spinal doctor in treating difficult cases makes the treatment more effective. Chiropractic therapy comes from the Greek word "chiropraktikos," meaning "effective treatment by hand." It emphasizes the viewpoint that many illness processes stem from the body's inability to adapt to its environment. It is characterized by not relying on drugs and chemicals to resolve these illnesses but by locating and adjusting muscle-skeleton areas that are not functioning properly.

- Palmer Chiropractic College  

1987 Doctor of Chiropractic

- Northwest Missouri State University

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