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What people say


Dr. Stewart Chen was referred to me by a friend. I am a professional photographer and I have had many problems with carrying heavy camera equipment. After a major car accident in which I was unfortunately injured, my friend suggested I see Dr. Chen, saying that of the dozens of chiropractors he had seen in his life, he rated Dr. Chen as "the best"! I was a little nervous to see Dr. Chen for my first chiropractic treatment, even though it came from a trusted friend's recommendation. I found Chen to be poised, cheerful, communicative, and truly a professional chiropractor. I appreciated how he explained the cause of my injury and how he would treat it regularly. During the first week of treatment, I trusted Dr. Chen's expertise completely and have passed on best advice to friends. I am now healed.

- J. G.

I am a radiologist. After our car accident in San Francisco last January, my parents and I came to Dr. Chen's Chiropractic Center and were treated by Dr. Chen. I am happy to say that my parents and I are feeling much better after the treatment. I did not suffer much damage during the accident and I recovered much faster than my parents. Since my parents' injuries were much more severe than mine, my parents recovered more slowly after treatment. But after treatment, they feel better than before. They now have a lot of energy and are living a healthy and active life because most of the pain is gone from their back and limbs! I just want to thank Dr. Chen for making my life, especially my parents' pain-free, disappear. Dr. Chen, I am so grateful for all you have done for me and my family! Thank you!

-J. H

I am very happy to be a patient of the Chiropractic Clinic at Stewart Chen Chiropractic and to have Dr. Stewart Chen as my chiropractor. I have had him for some time now and he has done the right chiropractic treatment for me. The reason I accepted Dr. Chen is because of his excellent reputation in this community. I suffered from pain in my upper and lower back, neck, hip and knee pain from another treatment that was persistent due to an accident. Because of the care I received from Dr. Chen, the pain in my hips was significantly reduced. My neck, back and knee pain has improved significantly due to the proper adjustments and manipulations I received from Dr. Chen. The tension nerve pain in my upper back and neck has decreased. Dr. Chen's rehabilitation program has provided consistent care for my whole body recovery. I look forward to recovering and returning to work immediately. Thank you Dr. Chen and the staff for all your efforts!

- A.G.

This was my first time involved in an accident which required medical attention. He was very good at explaining things about my treatment in each visit. He was very accommodating because I had to visit him after work which was close to closing time.

There are heat pads, muscle simulation machines, and a x-ray machine.

-A. K

Dr. Stewart Chen is very experienced and skillful doctor. I had very bad pain in my back and my neck since I got injured. Dr. Stewart provided me excellent medical treatment. I turned much more better after one month treatment. And therefore, I would highly recommend him.

-T. T

I made an appointment following a car accident an experiencing pain in nek. The registration and appointment process were simple. Office staff, massage therapists and chiropractors all professional and knowledgeable. I have had two appointments resulting in relief of pain and decreased guarding and stiffness. Office located near Chinatown. Office is clean and modern. Dr. Chen is the best chiropractor around. He has a great touch and his adjustments really fi what's wrong. I highly recommend him.

- C. L

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